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Dear Rapist by @AyodejiOsowobi

Dear Rapist by @AyodejiOsowobi
March 18, 2015 STER

Dear rapist,

Sure you are feeling cool with yourself right now. You have dehumanized another at the expense of your own pleasure. You have hurt another person to make yourself happy. How do you feel now? Are you proud of yourself and expecting an award? Well, we have a message for you, no you didn’t win. Those you have sexually molested are now ‘survivors’ and are speaking up.

Bisi is just a young girl. Her fault for being raped was trusting you. Yes, you were her favourite uncle and she loved to be wrapped in your arms. I believe you felt the 5-year-old busy was ‘feeling you.’ She wanted you and couldn’t say it…

Some excuses are beyond comprehension, How would you feel if she were to be your daughter? Oh wait, some men actually rape their daughters!

Wondering why the image? Well, I met a lady who shared her story with me. “I blessed the day I came into this world because my mother bore me to you. I smiled when you tossed me in the air and said “my baby girl.” I was proud to be called that. But today, can I say thesame? You have taken my innocence because you couldn’t control your sexual urge. Now, I am a sex addict. Will anyone listen to me when I say a 28-year-old me is addicted to sex because her father molested her? Will they see it from my point of view that I was launched into a sexual world that I wasn’t ready for or will they just see me as a slut. That doesn’t hurt. What hurts the most is that I have AIDS.” she said.

Well, the goodnews is, she got help. You can get help. There are psychologists and (wo)men who help people in your situation. This is a problem you shouldn’t be ashamed of. Speak up just like she did about being raped and she has moved with life just fine.

You might feel victmised, but getting help is the best for you. It’s better to be free on the inside than cause pain to others and you remain in pain as well. We are angry about your acts, but have forgiven you.

Please speak to Praise Fowowe on 08037269483 and he will help you. He won’t judge you as well. When we know you can’t harm any other girl out there, she will be fine — somewhat.

For rape survivors, please do speak up. Your rapist will only win if you don’t break the silence. You can speak to us via 08095967000.

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