+234 809 596 7000 or contactus@standtoendrape.org

About Us

We are a youth-led social enterprise advocating against sexual violence, providing prevention mechanisms, and supporting survivors with psychosocial services. We advocate for rape survivors who can’t speak about their ordeal due to stigmatisation, by enlightening our community on the need to end rape and victim-blaming.

We use various platforms to educate people and also engage in interactive sessions via social media. We are working towards the day when rape is part of history, rather than a part of our everyday lives.

Our Mission Statement

To catalyse innovative programs, policies, and public engagement efforts and create transformative policy-wide behavioural and systemic changes in the lives of women and girls in Nigeria.

Our Vision Statement

To create an equitable, safe and resilient society where all persons are free from sexual violence.

Our Team

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