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Stand to End Rape (S.T.E.R) Initiative works to meet its mission through an array of programs and services focused on strengthening and empowering survivors of rape. The organization also places an emphasis on preventative programming targeting sexual violence and abuse.

Sexual and Reproductive Rights
Everyone has the right to accessible, affordable, and adequate health care that takes into account their cultural needs. They have the right to access health care without discrimination and they have the right to health care that responds to their particular needs. We also major in a range of prevention and treatment services.

Awareness Seminars
A major part of ending rape and sexual violence and abuse is building the capacity of citizens to prevent incidents from happening. Our awareness seminars focus on engaging people on the roles we all play in prevention recognizing potential risk factors in the community and where to go if an incident occurs.

Sexual Violence and Abuse Education
We provide a series of resources and educational materials to educate communities on rape prevention and sexual violence and abuse. Additionally, we partner with local, public, and private institutions to better disseminate information in the community.

Peer Mentoring
Survivors of rape oftentimes feel stigmatized and may have trouble coping or addressing their experience. Through our rape survivors network, we provide a platform for peer engagement, so survivors know they are not alone. Participants are encouraged to share their experiences and learn from others.

Realizing the sensitive nature of the experiences of survivors, we work with healthcare professionals to provide therapeutic services. Individuals can get continual counseling, support, and treatment.

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