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How to support STER

We believe in prevention, but most importantly, the need to help those who have been raped. When you support Stand to End Rape (STER) Initiative, you enable us implement our various projects and which is geared towards supporting more survivors either by helping to reintegrate them in the educational system at no cost or to ensure they get adequate psychosocial services.

How can you help?

You can help create awareness about our organization and NEEDS, fundraise, but most importantly #GIVE2STER. Our work is largely dependent on donations and support from people who are deeply concerned about the need to end the rape scourge. We believe in a strategic way of giving which would not place a burden on the giver at any time. We have four categories:

You can be a Stand to End Rape Initiative Weekly or Monthly donor by setting up a direct debit on your account (for any convenient amount) through Paystack.

Donate to Stand to End Rape Initiative

Account Name: Stand to End Rape Initiative

Corporate Current Account: 0157148304

Dollar Account: 0170900017

Pounds Account: 0170899773

Euro Account: 0170900103

Account Name: Stand to End Rape Initiative

Current Account: 0031019036

Dollar Account: 0031176274

 Purchase our merchandise as a means of donating to us

A bi-annual report of monies raised and disbursement/expenses will be sent in our newsletter to all donors. We kindly ask that you send us your name, email and phone number to contactus@standtoendrape.org.

You can also find our audited financial statements from 2014-2019 Below







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