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STER’s #SexualHarassmentBill Project Emerges Finalist in the 2020 SDG Action Awards.

STER’s #SexualHarassmentBill Project Emerges Finalist in the 2020 SDG Action Awards.
January 21, 2021 STER

“Unequal power relations and lack of policies in academic institutions have fostered a culture where students are susceptible to unwanted sexual advances. We protect the safety of women and girls by preventing and responding to sexual harassment.”

We are excited to announce that our #SexualHarrasmentBill advocacy campaign has emerged as a finalist in the Sustainable Development Goals (SGD) Action Awards.

Stand to End Rape’s Sexual Harassment Project exposes and fights against sexual and gender-based violence in educational institutions in Nigeria. Partnering with BBC Africa Eye, the documentary “Sex for grades” was viewed over 5 million times and has led to the re-introduction of the Sexual Harassment Bill by the Nigerian Senate.

When the bill was first introduced in 2o16, the Academic Staff Union of Universities insisted that there was no cause for it as sexual and gender-based violence rarely existed. Despite the limitation, STER persisted in being a leading voice and providing support for survivors.  On a lighter note, the bill has now passed its third reading and is awaiting assent to law by the president.

We take pride in the role STER has played in raising awareness for this bill, however, this was a collective project. Therefore, we say thank you to all our volunteers and team leads, every organization that stood behind this bill, and every individual who used their personal platform to educate and gather support for this bill. Together, we made this happen.

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To watch the documentary, click on the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=we-F0Gi0Lqs

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