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An Open Letter to Men

An Open Letter to Men
November 2, 2013 STER

Dear men,

God made you strong, prestigious, courageous and tolerant; you are independent, you strive to make it, and you never get tired of working hard because you know you have no one to rely on but God. You have strength in you that cannot be found in any woman. I cannot overemphasize how uniquely you have been made by the creator. That is why you dominate more, God made you the leader!

I am not writing this letter just to praise you but to remind you of who you are. You are not weak but strong. It appears that many men have lost their strength and prestige. I know exactly what I am mean by that, you will understand better as you read further. If you are a man and you can’t overlook certain things and learn to forgive, you might have made some mistakes by misusing the strength God has given to you.
I am sure rape is not a new thing to every man reading this, after having conversations with some men, I realized that when hurt by women, some men will decide to take revenge on these women by beating them or/and sexually harassing these women. You do this as a punishment to the women, you have the confidence to do so because you feel she is paying for the wrong she did and you want to show her how powerful you are, and you know what? By doing that, instead of proving your strength/power as you intend, you are proving your weakness. The fact is REAL men don’t rape women/girls, it doesn’t matter if she has wronged you or not. If you have ever done that, you are weak; you have lost your strength, pride and prestige. 
Many of us advocating for rape to come to an end are women, why? Because we are the victims, we suffer the pains and agony; we are the ones to face the shame if it results to an unwanted pregnancy. I can’t tell how much we go through, many die in the cause of the rape, many contract diseases, many commit suicide after the rape, many suffer depression and bi-polar disorder, for many life does not remain the same even after years of the occurrence. Being raped is a terrifying experience that no woman should ever go through. 
To every man reading this, don’t just be a man but be a real man, remember “only weak men rape women.” Don’t ruin our lives and take away our joy with your strength by raping us, instead protect us with that strength; don’t trade your strength and dignity for weakness. Make a wise choice, don’t hurt us anymore. If you don’t support us to end rape now, then our little girls and unborn daughters are at risk of facing the same horror. Remember, it could be your little angel by then. Stand with us now! Stand To End Rape and save the future generation. Every real man will share and like this letter to pass the message unto as many men as possible. Thank you for reading. Remain Strong and blessed. #BeRealMen

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