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October 19, 2017 STER

On the 14th of October 2017, The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), was held yesterday, the 14th of October at Musa Ya’ardua centre. The theme of this event was #PutYoungPeopleFirst and every speaker addressed key issues surrounding the growth of youths in society.
The sole aim of the event was to advocate for the inclusion of youths in every aspect, propagating the need for family planning as an important measure for youths especially women to take the bold step for success.
Hon.Minister of state for Budget and planning, Zainab Ahmed said the government are working to revitalize the health care system and to ensure that they work with partners and other stake holders to achieve a modern contraception rate of 20% among all women by 2020. She urged youths to prioritize in their health, education and business.
Also, Bolaji Magaret, spoke on why family planning commitment should be taken seriously. She urged the government to invest in young people. Young girls are the force for change, she also encouraged the government to do more for girls to ensure family planning. Investing in the future of girl’s is a very important subject that cannot be overlooked.

The Advocate for child education and Domestic violence, The founder of The well-being Foundation, Madam Toyin Saraki urged youths to put themselves first. She emphasized on the need for family planning and contraception. She said Family planning is about knowing each contraceptive tools,which is necessary,how it affects you biologically.

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