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Why Do Women Stay in Abusive Marriages?

Why Do Women Stay in Abusive Marriages?
January 2, 2014 STER

As I sat to watch a movie called “Unforgivable,” I saw a man who raped and physically abused his wife. This got me thinking ‘…what was going on?’ When did it become acceptable for men to rape their wives? Why are women so quiet about sexual violence? Is it the fear of losing their marriage or because society has taught women to be quiet about such an incident?

Society itself contributes to this menace. Women are mostly not given the opportunity to air their opinion in marriage (even in this present age). They are seen as second class citizens, humans below men, fragile beings and sometimes as mere properties men purchased — through bride price. This has relegated women to taking the back position. A position where women don’t see the need to #SpeakOut.

Women have to change the way they view themselves. Hey, the way you view and place yourself is the way a man will handle you. Women must gain the confidence to express themselves in marriage. Marriage is a partnership, it isn’t a one man venture. It has been said countless times, “if a man hits you once, he will hit you again.” It is amazing when women stay in abusive marriages in the name of “He will change.” What if he never changes? Are you going to keep hoping until he beats life out of you?

Women it is time to stop hiding under the disguise of been a faithful wife/spouse. An abusive marriage has nothing to do with humility and reverence for your spouse. If he hits you, #SpeakOut, talk to organisations that (you know) can help you or better still pray. If worse comes to worse; take to your heels before he takes your life. This is your year to walk in your freedom, don’t be under the shackles of commitment by staying in a marriage that could possibly end your life. We are however not asking women to divorce their husbands or abandon their homes, we are only asking that they don’t suffer in silence.

This is a call on women. It’s time to #SpeakOut, take back your freedom.

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