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What You Can Change In 2014 by Manuel Adesola

What You Can Change In 2014 by Manuel Adesola
January 1, 2014 STER

Here comes the dawn of a new day to mastermind the birth of a new moment, the introduction of a new phase and at the end revelation of a new year. On the morrow are promises of life, forgiveness of yesterdays and forgetfulness of yester-years. The past years had gone pregnant with happenings, many of which are favoring, a few of which are not. But depending on the perspective of view, everything may be to one as an advantage; the good, the bad and ugly as the bible puts; “All things work together for good to them that love God.” But for the blood that flows within, and flesh that abhor pains, one would want a pill or two to end the trauma of victimization.

But I tell you, if it was a pain that respond to pain reliever, I am sure the clinic will have prescriptions for you.

Or if it was an ache that answers to the dictates of pain killers, doctors would have extra work on their hands to attend to.

But because it is not, it denies you the comfort of drugs to end the agony of pain. It is more of the mind than flesh. It radiates in emotion and feeling than the eyes can diagnose.

But in all that, you have a killer that kills kill. They call Him Comforter, Healer and Savior; He won’t leave you to know these pains alone but will take over the pain completely from you. Of a truth and fact I can tell, His power of restoration is efficient. He will put you back to where you belong; physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and it won’t feel like anything was lost. By the time He is done, a new page would be opened and you would be asked to write a new you. Because as soon as you walk to Him, He re-programs your life to where you were before Him and not where circumstance of life has taken you. To Him, you are still the sweet daughter, a vessel to be used for His honor. Remember, no one can take away the purpose of a product as determined by the manufacturer. They can condemn and criticize but can’t stop the flow of a product to do its role. Your manufacturer, God is telling you not to forget your purpose because you were molested.

In this new dawn that brings in New Year, new tidings abide. Not for those that are without blemish, but for everyone who thirst for the living water. You cannot take from yesterday what it took, but you can hand over to-morrow what you have. The question now is, what do you have for tomorrow to work with? Is it hatred or love, peace or trouble, revenge or forgiveness, determination or downcast, will power or heartbreak, encouragement or discouragement.

I hear nothing moves without a push, and then nothing moves on without a consistent push. Life has varieties of offer to hand over, you accept some and reject some but never dwell on what you can’t change or help, but on what you can change.

So What Can You Change?

1.) You can change your life, hand it to God and watch it change over. He has the switch; the turn of the nub will change everything. The bible says, “Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Do you want rest? God can give you the desired rest, turn to Him today.

2.) You can change your thought, be positive in all situation. “Out of the abundance of heart the mouth speak’ and ‘as a man thinks so is he.” That means your thought makes you who you are. Your mind is the laboratory of your life, what you mix within it becomes the product you produce. Think of how you can use your experiences positively and not only on how it has ruined you. It is painful I agree, but yet gainful, if only you can change how you see things.

3.) You can change the world. There is the story of a shredded magazine cover handed to a little boy by his father to keep him busy. At the back of the torn page is the picture of the world. The father asked him to put the pieces together for a price thinking that would get the little boy busy for a long time. After a few minutes the little boy showed up with the taped cover that shows the picture of the world. The surprised father asked how he did it. The little boy replied, on the other side of the cover is a picture of a man, so I thought if I could put the man’s picture right, the picture of the world would naturally form.

It’s no lie that when a man’s life is right, his world is right. You can change the world by using yourself for the benefit of the world. Imagine how many people will benefit from the world you have being able to put together for humanity. Your mystery is your ministry. Think about what you have experienced, perhaps that is where your ministry is. You are not a victim but a victor.

Happy New Year from all of us at STER.

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