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What Does Dressing Have to Do with Rape?

What Does Dressing Have to Do with Rape?
November 9, 2013 STER

I’ve found this topic to be a controversial one especially that this is still objective — every man to his opinion in as much we might consider the answer to be clear.

PS: let me make clear the topic as to whether dressing has to do with rape or one is not about me supporting or dissaproving. This article is centred upon my opinion and advice to youths especially rape survivors.

May I quickly express my understanding of rape and as will be used in this context:
Rape is “any form of unwanted sexual behaviour that is imposed on someone”.
That said, moving on and linking this to dressing. An ordinary man can already tell that one should be referring to a female’s dressing here; preferable a female youth. I’m here wondering why not males too? Maybe because fact has shown more female rape survivors than male of which about 99% cases of female survivors, reported and unreported ranging  from minors to elderly women.


The modern trend of today has gone haywire such that you might as well exercise your freedom to go naked on the streets and not a single question would be made. This we already know.

I’ve seen some girls have tattoos and other form of piercings made on parts of the body that should be covered. However, the essence of this fashion to them is that it ought to be showed to the entire public; how it is referred is known as ‘setting trend’.

The mind of man is generally evil — men and women alike. So if a lady thinks she can dress in a provocative manner, even to the house of the Lord, then she needs to rethink or guard herself with a gun but why do this when the answer is so clear? You can dress modest and still look beautiful.

I reason with those who say that even if a woman walks on the streets without clothes, a man has no right to molest her whatsoever. Its funny how we got to “Revelation” and soon forgot how it all started from the “Genesis”. My answer to this is: “seeing so much cluster of clouds and the threat of the thunder, what is wise for a man to do?” KEEP HIS HEAD SAFE.

Rape has to stop! It is ugly and unworthy to deprive another of their innocence and consent. No amount or reason of punishment should make a man rape another (woman). It is simply wicked and  inhumane! We cannot grow if we continue to sit in the pit that ties us to the ground.

Speaking of dressing as part of reasons why some women get raped is only touching the surface of the dough without feeling the thickness in it. If that were the case, then there wouldn’t be any child rape victims… children don’t wear provoking clothes or have provoking body structure.

In my opinion, rape has more to do with the perpetrator’s mental instability, sexual repression and childhood violence/sexual abuse history. A normal person has a certain level of empathy that a rapist’s mentality lacks — Crunchy Roll Discussion.

However, ladies and “gentle”men alike, please let’s  do everything in moderation including our dressing. Some men have had to serve jail terms of offences they knew nothing about. Some ladies on the other hand have had to be ignored because of their indecent manner of dressing.

How we dress should reflect who we are. Who we are should be seen in the way we dress.

Men should stop picking on indecent dressing as their major excuse. I say “know God and live right”.

By Victoria Ibiwoye.


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