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Volunteer Of The Month (June)

Volunteer Of The Month (June)
July 1, 2020 STER

“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.”  

 Oscar Wilde

At Stand To End Rape, we try to recognize our volunteers, who go above and beyond in fighting against sexual violence and actively contributing to the day to day running of our initiative.

This month, we would like to recognize Ebube Opara for his outstanding work. He is the administrative assistant for the STER Research unit and Human Resources team member. In getting to know more about Ebube, we asked him a few questions:

What or who inspires you?

Success inspires Ebube, because it reminds him that  “work” was put in. Success stories in general inspire Ebube! 

What is your Mantra?

One mantra Ebube lives by is “God can be trusted, give him time”.

What do you do in your quiet/alone time?

In his quiet/alone time, Ebube loves to help people. 

How can we address the Gender-Based Violence problem in our society?

Ebube mentions that GBV can be solved when people like us (STER Volunteers) continue to keep doing what we do. And also more people need to be sensitized. 

What advice would you give your 15-year-old self?

Ebube would tell his 15-year-old self to not allow his decisions to be influenced by anyone and anything.

What is your definition of a ‘Safe Nigeria’?

Ebube believes a safe Nigeria is one where we completely live by “love your neighbor as yourself” in totality.

What are your social media handles?

Instagram: Bube_Opara          Twitter: Bubeopara

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