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Violet by MissLara Oriye

Violet by MissLara Oriye
February 1, 2014 STER

“Leave me alone” she screamed. As she pulled the remaining of her shredded clothes to cover her naked body. “I begged you” she yelled “I did but you chose to do it anyway”. “You treat me like shit and that’s not cool”. “Just so you know, this is the last time you will ever see me naked its over I’m leaving this marriage!

Violet motioned toward her closet she began to pick her clothes and dump into a suit case almost blindly. She decided to move in with her aunt up the street for some time.

She heard the door slam! ” I will kill you” bobo shouted, I will kill you before you make a Mockery of me, the world will see me as a weak guy who cannot control his woman, you go nowhere except I say so. I’m not done using you when I am, I will let you know”!

“In fact, you owe me wifely duties” He spat. “Bobo please not now I’m weak and I need to leave this marriage please…..” she sobbed before she could continue he smacked her across her face and undid his zipper “blow me” he ordered. “I won’t, violet shouted I won’t. I’m done. I can’t do this anymore I am not your sex slave”!

Bobo pounced on her smashed her against the wall and grabbed her hair her weave came undone and blood trickled down her face. He ignore the blood and pulled her into the room she cried and screamed NO!!!! As he had his way with her. With every thrust, she lost a piece of her mind. And into a sort of out of body experience she fell.

She saw her life flash before her eyes like a movie of some sort the times they shared, the laughter and oh the good old university days she loved him. As soon as they got married he had changed into this monster thrusting away violently and she could do noting about it. ” I will leave even if I have to die” she thought to herself.

In one loud groan he released into her he got up so casually like he’d been up to brushing his teeth. “I’m done with you” he said. “For now” he added.

I will run, I will get help she muttered… You can break my bones but not my spirit.

To be continued…

MissLara is a blogger, who writes on www.powerloveandsoundmind.com.

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