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The Female Side to Rape by Ejura Salihu

The Female Side to Rape by Ejura Salihu
August 20, 2014 STER

Last week’s letter ‘Dear Aunty Timi’ was a heart’s cry. If you haven’t read it, please read HERE. That letter pictures the pain some have been forced to endure for many years. The scar is carried all through childhood to adulthood with little chance of total healing because the world is not listening to the cries. The muffled screams from a little girl next door while her body and innocence is taken from her forcefully by someone who should protect her, goes unnoticed because everyone is too busy to care. 

Scenarios may differ but the crime remains the same with the child growing up to be an adult with sad broken memories and a stolen childhood. As Miss J narrated her ordeal, the first thing I realised was how she seemed just as frightened as a little girl again, the broken trust still rang through her words. Her only question still remains ‘Why Aunty Timi?’ There are so many articles, stories out there about abusive uncles, but aunties rape too. It is harder to imagine and easier than you think for it to happen to any toddler. As a parent, when you need a maid, you feel safer getting a female maid since stories of male helps abusing girls is so rampant. A relative calls informing you of a planned visit and you heave a sigh of relief that its your younger sister. Your precious little daughter should be safe right? Hmmm…sadly that is not always the case. Aunties rape too! Female helps molest young girls too and even boys (we will talk about that some other day).

Children should be taught that no one has a right to touch them in their private parts not even beloved uncles and aunties, and if any one does, they can always report to you (they should know the specific parts are off limits). Bath time should be supervised if you can’t bath your child yourself, no closed doors. Try not to leave your child alone with anyone, two or three people around at least helps. Our society is twisted, we have monstrous uncles and demonic aunties on the prowl looking for an innocent child to harm and taint his/her future. 

Paedophiles hardly change and that is the scariest part. The chances that the ugly desire to molest kids that pushed the perpetrator twenty years ago, still continues is very high as sexual preferences hardly ever change. It is still the easiest form of abuse to commit and the easiest to escape justice. I hope one day, paedophiles will be forced to face justice no matter how long ago the crime was committed. The fact that the crime was committed several years ago does not make the crime less cruel or deserving of justice. It is not a crime our children are innocent and vulnerable, they need our voice now so they don’t cry tomorrow from broken dreams. Please if you suspect any case of child abuse in your neighborhood, speak up! You can save an innocent child with your voice. Take a stand and let us end child rape together #StandToEndRape.

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