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Survivor: ‘I wanted to end my life, now I have more to live for’

Survivor: ‘I wanted to end my life, now I have more to live for’
December 9, 2013 STER

I don’t know if I am writing right, but somewhere I could find the strength. There is no joy about being raped, it is the most traumatic thing anyone can experience. My body has been through so much.

I hope people really know that rape victims are going through a lot. While some people and organizations are working hard to stop the stigmatization on rape victims, some people are ready to keep the stigmatization going.

RAPE SURVIVORS, you have to brace yourself for the reaction you will get from people, you will lose friends, family, people will talk badly about you, they will stay away from. I experienced all these. Some people wish they have the courage to #SpeakOut, but are really scared of what people will say.

I went through a lot during my speaking out stage, it was an horrible stage. At some point, I wanted to commit suicide, everyone was nowhere to be found except @AyodejiOsowobi. I could not go out, I was full of shame, always crying and sad and I wanted my whole life to end.

I begged God to take my life, but He did not and just today, my whole life flashed before my eyes. I survived a ghastly accident. The car jumped and somersaulted twice and I found myself trapped under the car with no injury. God spared me and made me realise that my life is still worthy and I still have more to live for despite all. Stop the stigmatization, it hurts rape victims. Please take a #StandToEndRape and let’s end this menace!

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