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STER partners KASALA app to provide emergency support to clients.

STER partners KASALA app to provide emergency support to clients.
December 3, 2020 STER

Stand To End Rape Initiative (STER) has partnered with Kasala to provide emergency support services to survivors and persons who may be in danger.  

Kasala is a personal safety app that allows you to create your own security network and send SOS alarms to other app users apart from your guardians around your location at any given time for personal safety. 

The application has a “Talk to STER” feature that enables you to seek help if you’re being sexually harassed or abused, through the application and upon activation of the feature, survivors will be immediately connected to STER’s support team comprising of psychological and legal professionals who will provide some level of support that you need to navigate or escape the situation.

Speaking on the partnership, Mental Health and Psychosocial services lead at STER, Angel Yinkore said ‘through the STER features on the Kasala app, we will be able to reach more clients and provide immediate support to some of them, we are hoping that a lot of violent cases can be totally avoided as well. Our website, client intake form and phone number are all on the application for easy accessibility. We look forward to a day where an app like this will not be a necessity for everyone.”

Other features of the Kasala App are: 

  • SOS alarm that notifies your guardians (your registered personal security network of friends and family) and other Kasala users around you that you’re in danger.
  • Live streaming feature that enables audio and video to be automatically recorded and sent to your guardians in real-time.
  • Community policing feature that lets you send alarms to other Kasala users nearby who can come to your rescue if your guardians are not close by.
  • GPS tracking in real-time when you send out an alarm
  • Fake calls that simulate an incoming call to your phone and escape an unpleasant or threatening situation. 

Product Strategy & Technical Advisory Lead at Kasala app, Daniel Unyime said “we partnering with STER to join the End RAPE cause, we built features into our app that can enable victims/survivors reach out for help and more so, help prevent some rape cases. We also embedded a form where people can provide data on their experiences and this will be used to make the application better and in some cases get better support. 

The Kasala application is available for free download on Google PlayStore and also the IOS AppStore.


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