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#SayHerNameNigeria #AbujaRaidOnWomen

#SayHerNameNigeria #AbujaRaidOnWomen
May 3, 2019 STER

Since last year, Nigeria has been questioned for its unnecessary use of force towards its citizens. Raging from wrongful arrests to abuse of innocent citizens, the country has shown slow progress in addressing these issues raised by the general public.

In the past weeks, we have received and confirmed reports of women being picked up from different social hangouts by the Nigerian Police Force. These women were accused of being prostitutes with no evidence of transactional sex. While in police custody, they were subjected to inhumane acts by the members of the Nigerian Police Force who insisted they were prostitutes because of their appearance. They were assaulted and raped by the same men who wrongfully locked them up.

We solely condemn this act by the Nigerian Police Force. Therefore, in partnership with WWNBSNigeria, TeawAfrica and As Equals Africa, we would be holding two peaceful protests this Saturday, 4th May 2019 in two states.  One in Abuja and one in Lagos.

Time: ‪10 am, May 4th.

Venue: Assembling at Old Parade Ground, Area 10. Old Parade Ground is just of Off Muhammadu Buhari Way, Area 10, Garki.

Why Old Parade Ground? It’s very close to the Police Command Abuja. (The State Police Headquarters) and we want to take our voices directly to them.

Contact: @marcelle_umar ‬(Twitter)

Time: ‪10 am, May 4th.

Venue: Assembling at Old Secretariat Rd, Ikeja GRA‬Old Secretariat Rd is just of Off Oba Akinjobi Way, Ikeja GRA.

Why Old Secretariat? It’s the link road to the Lagos State Police Command (The State Police Headquarters) and we want to take our voices directly to them.‪

Contact: @ebelee_ ‬(Twitter)

You can volunteer. We need you! if you’re in Abuja and would like to help in any way you can please send a D.M to @marcelle_umar

Why are we protesting?

We’re protesting against police violence against women, we’re protesting to bring awareness to the specific issues women face in the hands of unlawful and unjust police and law enforcement agents, we’re protesting against sex for bail.

We are protesting against unlawful arrest, we’re protesting against sexual assault of women in police custody, we’re protesting against the culture of assault on arrested women, AND most importantly we’re protesting in light of #AbujaRaidOnWomen. Every single one of the women must be compensated, the raids must stop and stop for good and the perpetrators brought to justice.

Her today could be me tomorrow. We all can do something if we’re not silent! Join us tomorrow and use your voices to tell those in authority that we will not be violated anymore.

Are there any special requirements? is are only women allowed to join?

NO, this is a women’s issue and women issues are human issues. Everyone is welcome, just come in your black tees/shirts determined to have your voice heard.


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