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Saddening But True! Some Rape Victims Think Suicide is the Solution

Saddening But True! Some Rape Victims Think Suicide is the Solution
September 13, 2013 STER

When I wrote about rape survivors committing suicide after they have been raped, it seemed like I was making it up. Well, this is a story of a 14-year-old girl who committed suicide two years after she was raped repeatedly by her 49-year-old teacher. Full story below.

Cherice Moralez was just 14 when her 49-year-old teacher repeatedly raped her. Two years later, Cherice committed suicide–and according to her mother, the trauma of rape was a major factor in her death. But Billings, Montana JudgeG. Todd Baugh sent her rapist to prison for just 30 days–saying the victim was “as much in control of the situation” as her rapist and that she was “older than her chronological age.”

THIS is rape culture at its worst: when our courts can let a man who raped a child go free after just days in jail and then blame the child for her own rape.

There is a petition for the justice to be brought on the rapist. I have signed it HERE, will you?
Please, we can reduce the number of those who commit suicide as a result of stigmatization and shame. Let us join our hands to bring justice on these rapist and we will building a better society for generations to come. Let your child and great grandchildren mention your name for standing up for what is right.
Together we CAN #End Rape. Join the cause!
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