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Rape Goes Both Ways by Buki Otuyemi

Rape Goes Both Ways by Buki Otuyemi
August 4, 2014 STER

As far-fetched as it may sound to many, men and boys do get raped too. Rape is all shades of evil and it is especially hard and traumatic on the victims. One would find it difficult to visualize how men get raped given their physical stature and strength compared to women but the fact remains that men have been disarmed in the past by women (and other men) and raped.

I recall hearing a story when I just got into the university, about how a bunch of ladies raped a randy lecturer that had been sexually harassing a younger student. Also, I have been reading about men being raped in places like South Africa, Europe, etc for many years now. Male-rape have been going on for a long time and while they are not as rampant as female-rape, the devastating trauma the victims go through are not to be trivialized.

Recently in Russia, a 27-year-old female hair-stylist knocked out a 32-year-old would-be male burglar who tried to rob her shop and then tied him up. She was skilled in martial arts and was able to knock him out and subdue him with her skills. She plied him with viagra and raped him several times for three days before releasing him.

(You can read more about that here: http://www.themoscowtimes.com/news/article/tmt/376242.html )

I would never understand how people get off by subduing another person, with force, just to attain their sickening height of pleasure. The trauma that remains with rape victims, both male and female, cannot be put into words. I implore victims of rape to speak out as we stand by them to bring the perpetrators of rape to book. Leaving rapists to God or fate no longer cuts it because studies have shown that for most rapists, it is not merely a one-off experience. They continue in this sickening trend knowing they would not be made to pay for their crimes. They revel in a culture that stigmatizes the victims rather than the rapists themselves, knowing they can get away with these atrocities.

I look forward to a day when rapes will rarely occur. I look forward to stiffer sentences for rapists. I look forward to programmes that would help victims of rape heal faster.

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I join my team mates to #StandToEndRape. You should too.

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