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Pregnancy As a Result of Rape: Will You Keep It or Abort It?

Pregnancy As a Result of Rape: Will You Keep It or Abort It?
January 4, 2014 STER

This issue has always been on my mind, but I just didn’t know how to relate it. Even if you can’t relate with this because you have never experienced it, you probably know someone who has. How then do we console such a person? Do we tell them “sorry” for the rape or for being victims of an unwanted pregnancy.

Getting raped is bad enough, having to raise a child as a result is more difficult. Most people at this point are forced to consider abortion. This may be because of the pressure from their parents to produce the father of the child or the stigma that comes from the society. We don’t blame them, but is it the right thing to do? Why kill an innocent child for what he/she isn’t guilty of. The world needs more vibrant leaders, how sure are you that your child isn’t one of those?

Just what if during the abortion process you lose your womb or even your life. Who are you going to blame for that: the rapists, the unborn child or the doctor?  Most people have been victims of damaged wombs because they couldn’t bear the torture of seeing a child, who reminds them of their ordeal. This isn’t to say that this is an easy situation, however, you can make the best out of any circumstance, it depends on YOU. Which would you rather live with: that you killed a child, lost your womb and knowing that someone out there needs a child desperately or would you rather be positive and love your child. Just because you never wished to have a child through this means doesn’t mean he isn’t still a gift from God. If you can’t bear to see the child that reminds you of your agony, wouldn’t it be better for you to give that child a chance at living — through adoption.

The bible says “all things work together for good, for those who love God and are called according to His purpose.” You have a destiny to fulfill and having a child through rape isn’t going to destroy it. Raising such a child is showing him/her the true meaning of “strength and love.” When a child realises that his/her mother didn’t give him/her up even with the circumstance, that child will learn love. He/she will forever appreciate the sacrifice you made and will always have it at the back of their mind never to rape someone.

When I started this movement, a secondary school friend reached out to me to say she was raped.  I didn’t know if I should say “sorry” or “take heart.” What inspired me most was that, she had a son as a result. She said, ‘my mind was made up and I never thought of giving up that child for no reason.’ Today, that lovely child is four and she keeps asking for the grace to love him daily. You can love that child and teach him/her the values of life. This is just my opinion though, I stand to be corrected.

This is an advice to we young ladies, in cases of rape, please dash to the hospital immediately for medical report (to back up your case at the police station) and also ask to be properly examined to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

Written by Ayodeji Osowobi

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