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She Called Him Father

She Called Him Father
January 20, 2017 STER

By: Zaynab Uthman 

You told yourself he was a good man,
You saw in him your savior.
He took you in with a child he didn’t father.
He called her his princess.
He read Cinderella to her –
And rocked her to bed every night.
You were happy.
Then he started to sneak into her each night.
To check on her, he said.
Your daughter started withdrawing, flinching at his touch.
It was just a phase you told yourself.
You’d scold her for being difficult.
You told her not to ruin a good thing.
Her silence cried,
Yet you were drowned by the sweet music of a happy family.
She’s 13 now –
And you are both carrying children with the same father.

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