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POEM: Let the Chick out of the Lion’s Den By Chineke Onyedika Victor

POEM: Let the Chick out of the Lion’s Den By Chineke Onyedika Victor
June 4, 2014 STER
Who will let the chick out of the lion’s den?

Who will save it from its trembling feathers?
It was let loose by the carelessness of God knows who
The chick, the hen and maybe the cockerel too
She is the chick
As innocent as the white dove
Still learning to fly above
Above struggles of life, above certain challenges
As feeble as the cartilage
Not yet ossified
Lacking strength, and lacking vigor

Oh who will save her now?
She is all alone, left to bear this burden on her own
Mama! Are you there? The one you bore is alone at war
The sugar you left her with, has turned to thick garlic
From her, you are far away, so from true care she is far away

She wishes fairy God mothers really existed
She wishes the next morning would never come
She wishes the world would end in a twinkle of an eye
Wounded and violated
Battered and slapped
Flogged and whipped
She has had a fair share of all pain could have shipped
She has spent each night like the Victoria Falls
The tears just don’t stop dripping down
Pillows turned soaked
Vocals all choked
So Verbal defense have all been futile

Aunty! I feel she has had enough!
She is there to help doesn’t mean she should be unkept
She should be an individual not a ditched animal
She should serve your husband and not be his Toy
She should help with the bags and not be the punching bag
She is you.
She is Human.

(Victor is a blogger and poet. Check out more of his writings HERE).

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