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Opinion: Rape and a Few Underlying Issues by @AAABORODE

Opinion: Rape and a Few Underlying Issues by @AAABORODE
April 21, 2015 STER

There is no justification for rape, but we can achieve a significant plus when we cut off 
the extreme indecent dressing rampant nowadays. It is also a significant tool used by the 
perpetrators / rapists to cower their victims into believing it was their fault.

The sudden increase in the number of rape cases in recent times is not just alarming but scary! We are fast becoming regular victims of mentally derailed predators and the war seem like it’s just getting started.

The act of rape isn’t humane; and I see it as an act carried out by people with very low self-esteem and very sad lives. Unfortunately ladies and children are the major victims of these atrocious acts; they are subjected to the forceful act and end up being psychologically damaged for most parts of their lives.

Rape has resulted in cases of abortion, death of many either by suicide or murder and it has sent many to psychiatrist homes. It has aided the spread of sexually transmitted infections and paralyzed the dreams of many. Our environment hasn’t been just to the victims of these barbaric acts.

The victims, in most cases have been left to live in fear and turmoil. They have been made to look like outcasts and their burden has been derided as ‘normal’. We as a people need to understand that no one deserves to be raped and we should help these victims fight the war. The dangers of not helping are countless and it may end up knocking on your door if you think it hasn’t gotten to the grave end yet.

A lot of research has gone into rape activities and shocking revelations, extremely shocking ones, have been discovered. The sadists that engage in these acts are majorly perverts that can’t seem to control their sexual urge, they feel the need to satisfy their evil thirst by hook or by crook and they don’t care about the dangerous effects this has on their victims or the society.

Rapists are simply predators! They don’t tell you before they strike and we have to be more vigilant. There is a need for us to pay close attention to little details around us. Some of these animals employs the help of rape drugs to hypnotize their victims, while some use tricky and cunning methods to get their prey and several go for physicality in defiling their victims.

Rape is not peculiar to just Nigeria; it is a major problem around the world and the recent upsurge in gang-rape in India has confirmed that. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help one bit because it is not just a Nigerian thing. Lives are getting scared for life.

One of the major problems with our case is the culture of silence, stigmatization and an incredibly poor judicial system which discourages victims from seeking justice. The hostility of the public to some of these cases tells a story of its own. We miss the point that no one enjoys being raped, no one encourages rape in any sense and no one finds it easy to live with the peculiarity of our stigmatized environment. They need help and we must be determined to grant that help.

The unregulated pornography industry has aided some of these sadists. While pornography has its positives for some couples and sex partners; its almost unregulated accessibility puts the society at risk – even kids have access to some of the images and that’s not healthy for the society. The images they see in these films are stored in their brains and they also want a replica of such to be put into practice.

Even some married folks end up raping their partners because they either want to do a sex tape or put into practice what they saw in the porn video which might not be okay to the other partner.

I believe we need a strong law on the accessibility of porn videos on the internet or in the market. This should also apply to pornographic magazines. Young minds that grow up watching porn start by masturbating and at a point might become desperate to act out these sexual scenes. This makes them to go all the way to get their mates to bed by all means possible.

Some are so eager to engage in rough sex or whatever they have heard from their peers, and they see their prey as the ultimate sex toy. If anyone is at least willing to have sexual experiments, get a prostitute, pay him or her well and use your sex toy, but don’t derive pleasure by wrecking havoc on people.

Just last week a British man was charged to court for assault on his girlfriend, they had agreed to put into practice the “Slave & Master” sex acts they read in the steamy bestseller ’50 Shades of Grey’, he chained her and whipped her mercilessly as he sexed her, he ended up winning the case because it was believed she consented to it before it went wrong on her part.

Parents should endeavor to monitor their kids and set good examples; they shouldn’t drop their porn videos carelessly and should set parental control on cable TVs, Computers and their kids’ mobile phones in order to stem the rape virus growing in the mind of the next generation via unmonitored access to sexually suggestive images.

Ladies should also learn not to be too trusting, even your so called loving boyfriend may end up becoming an overnight monster! While I understand there’s no justification for rape, I believe ladies (the major victims) themselves need to watch out, rape is an act that even the well dressed ladies are subjected to but I believe a dressing culture of modesty and decency will help combat this act significantly.

I believe in the ideology of ‘Prevention is better than cure’ and in order to prevent ourselves from robbery, we deploy tall fences, tall iron gates and wired guards. Paying attention to what we put on and where we go with them could help in no small measure. In our society ladies are made to look like culprits because of their dressing culture; ladies have a responsibility to shut the public up by displaying modest and decent dressing culture.

There is no justification for rape, but we can achieve a significant plus when we cut off the extreme indecent dressing rampant nowadays. It is also a significant tool used by the perpetrators / rapists to cower their victims into believing it was their fault. Also, taking a close look at our friends’ activities is very important. if your friend deals with drugs, drinks too much or engages in some other similar harmful behaviour, there are chances you’ll be a victim someday, not just of rape but of unbearable violence.

In addition, victims should please come out, speak up and let us know the struggle they are going through. Victims should be bold enough to talk to responsible and reasonable individuals who can help them. There are non-governmental organizations that work on rape issues, there are human right lawyers and other individuals that are willing to help you through your trauma. it is not your fault that you were raped, so victims should put an end to their internal bleeding by letting the whole world know what they are facing or what they faced and help shame these rogues.

Finally, rapists should bear in mind that the victims are being put through a very devastating mental condition; they may end up committing suicide and in some cases may end up becoming demons that will hunt their predators with the last drop of their blood. You should not continue to create monsters in humans due to your sadistic and horrendous cravings. And we as a people should be ready to support the victims by all means possible.

This articles had been posted on YNaija previously.

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