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Must Read! 9(Nine) Great Business Ideas and Tips for Women

Must Read! 9(Nine) Great Business Ideas and Tips for Women
October 1, 2013 STER

9 Great Business Ideas and Tips for Women

Would you like to run your own business and be your own Boss? Then why not check out the following great tips and business ideas for women.

In the past, business empires built by women were typically in the fashion or cosmetic industries, good examples of these being Estee Lauder and Coco Chanel; however these great successes were the exception rather than the rule.

Fortunately gone are the days when the only careers women could aspire to be were nurses and secretaries, noble though they are. Nowadays women can be found successfully forging careers in many different fields of commerce.
The learning curve

So how do you get started?

We have all heard it before, do what you love and the money will follow. That’s all very well, but is not too helpful if you need to pay for the roof over your head now. Even so, updating and improving your skills are always a good investment, but only if you use them.

If you need to update your skills or take a class, then this is something you can do while carrying out your day job. There are plenty of online courses and night classes covering a range of subjects and skills on offer.

But be careful that you don’t turn into the perpetual student, always going on courses but never putting any of your skills into practice. Some people find comfort in forever being a student, but it can stop us going out into the ’real world’ and using our skills for what we first intended.

As daunting as it may seem at first, it is imperative to start putting your new found skills into practice straight away.

Remember that everyone began somewhere.

Turning your skills into profit 
        Think about what skills you already have and what you love to do, match the two, add some passion and energy and before you know it you will be on to a sure fire winner
It may be that you already have the skills in place to start running your own business and don’t need any special training. Some people are naturally talented artists, website designers, chefs or simply have a great eye for business.

Many women have effectively been ‘running a business’ for years but are unaware of all the skills they already have. Running a family and a home can mean undertaking and learning from scratch a whole range of skill sets from book keeping, to cooking, to caring to interior designing to teaching.

Think about what skills you already have and what you love to do, match the two, add some passion and energy and before you know it you will be on to a sure fire winner.

Teach others your skills

Some professions are not that well paid. But there is nothing to say you cannot teach others your skills. This is often the way many skilled professionals and entrepreneurs make a large proportion of their money, by teaching and providing other learning aids such as books, written courses and seminars.

With the internet, the majority of this can be done online.

Remember everyone has a skill, or something they excel at. It’s just a matter of finding out what yours is, and putting it into practice.

#1: Wedding/Event planning


If you have organized your own wedding, or in fact any type of event, or been involved in arranging someone else’s you will know exactly what a logistical and strategical nightmare a wedding or even a special dinner party can turn into.

So if you are good at organizing things, have an eye for detail, can stay calm and are a good communicator then a wedding or event planner might be the perfect new career choice for you.

#2: Life coaching

Women can be great listeners and listening to people is a skill. If you are a good people person and like to help others achieve their goals, then a career in coaching could be for you.

As a Life Coach your job is to help people achieve their goals whatever they may be.

Life coaching is a very rewarding business as you literally have the opportunity to turn people’s lives around and your own at the same time.

#3: Business consulting

Business consulting can be hugely rewarding, both financially and from a job satisfaction perspective. If you have experience in any field, there is nothing to say you cannot lend your expertise (for a fee) to others. Businesses use outside consultants to get a new pair of eyes on things and also to utilize expertise that they do not necessarily have in-house for special projects.

If you think you have what it takes to help businesses then this could be a very lucrative business for you.

#4: Writing


Writing covers many areas and there are countless different types of writing from copy writing to journalism. This skill base can also cover proof reading and editing. Don’t be put off by stories of poor writers, if you put the hours in, like everything there is money to be made from all types of writing.

After all, almost everything you read on the internet is somebody else’s copy. So do your research, maybe take a course, and find out what you are good at.

#5: Blogging

Many people have made a fortune from blogging and there are many books and experts abound telling you how they did it. If you get it right, this form of passive income can literally make you millions. Like everything it needs research and hard work and you need to keep up with what’s going on.

But in essence all you need is an internet connection, a website, a great mailing list and a smart bunch of ideas. Hehehe…Am getting there.

#6: Fitness/Yoga/Nutrition

The fitness industry can be a good business to get into if you are good at what you do or if you have a new idea. Again, this is something which can be expanded on with books, DVDs courses etc.

So if you think you have got what it takes, and love keeping fit, then turn your passion into a profit and help others achieve their fitness/weight loss/well-being goals at the same time.

#7: Knitting/Crafts

If you think knitting is something that should be left to your grandma then you are wrong. Also with the Ankara trend there is no impossibility to what you can do. Ankara bags, shoes, jewelries, ipad cases, etc.

People pay a lot of money to indulge in their hobbies, and teaching others crafts as well as making crafts yourself can be a very lucrative business.

#8: Cookery/Catering

From cookery books to online courses to catering for parties, cookery and its related skills is an area which never goes out of fashion, after all we all like to eat nice things.

Catering for a specific group can also be a good idea, whether that is vegetarian, vegan, gluten free or for a particular religious or cultural cuisine.

#9: Do your own thing

The best thing you can do is to do your own thing. You don’t have to be categorized or put into a box just because you are female. Nowadays you can do whatever you please. If you are good at something, love doing it and have the passion, drive and commitment then you will succeed.

At the end of the day earning your own retirement instead of working for someone else’s can be very liberating and rewarding. Yes the hours are long, and working for yourself can be hugely challenging. But the skills you will learn and the experience gained along the way can be worth their weight in gold.

If you have an idea, get it out there! Share it to the world, trust in God, be persistent and work HARD! You will definitely go places! We are not saying it will be easy, but it’s worth the trial. Good luck!

Source: Kayla Chanai

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