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Joke Gone Wrong: The Tale of Comedian Akpororo

Joke Gone Wrong: The Tale of Comedian Akpororo
April 6, 2015 STER

Hello everyone,

Hope we are still having a wonderful Easter break.

Just yesterday, a well respected Nigerian comedian and Airtel Ambassador, Akpororo told a rape joke at the ‪#‎AYLive2015‬ comedy show in Lagos. it won’t be out of place to state that he is also a ‘Gospel artist.’ Interesting isn’t it? Fola (@4LaH), a STER Ambassador who was present at the event confirmed the joke that was made, which a twitter follower has confirmed to be true.

The joke:

“He said he was traveling in a bus and saw a girl in the same bus. He was trying to ask her out but she didn’t agree. Armed robbers stopped them, collected all their valuables and asked him to strip. Then they pointed a gun at the girl and asked her to strip too. Then they ordered him to have sex with her from behind at gun point. Then he started rolling his waist suggestively and the audience was laughing. He even said at the end have enjoyed it so much he started saying thank you to the armed robbers.”

Though the joke was distasteful, what was most surprising is the laugh that pervaded the air. People found it funny. When did abuse become something society will accept via comedy and not accept in reality. Just thinking, will this be thesame people who will join a movement or go on radio and TV to denounce this act? Are these thesame kind of celebrity that will say “I stand to End Rape” in public? Hypocrisy mustn’t be celebrated.
We believe telling a joke isn’t just about making people laugh, it’s people convictions. It also to a large extent determines who the person is and what they stand for. Can you catch an Ali Baba doing a rape joke? We doubt it! There is difference between CLASS and CRASS!

When people tell jokes that promote rape, society should frown at and refute this. There is little or no difference between someone who rapes and the one who tells the story in a way that one will feel comfortable with. Until we begin to understand that we have the power to determine what we listen to and judge as right or wrong, rape jokes will keep flying through our social media and public space.

Rape shouldn’t be told to suit an audience. It can be told to touch people’s conscience and deter others from indulging in the act.

At Stand to End Rape Initiative, we say NO to ‪#‎Rape‬ Jokes in Nigera and Africa as a whole.

We hope the comedian Akpororo will publicly apologise and moving forward, will desist from such an act.

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