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‘It Can Only Get Better,’ says a Survivor

‘It Can Only Get Better,’ says a Survivor
December 10, 2013 STER

Hello everyone, thanks for always taking time out to visit our blog. For those of you who are familiar with our #SpeakOut sessions with various survivors such as @Abdulhabiba12 (read HERE) and @Smartsensitive (read HERE), you would have noticed that we’ve been posting inspirational and educative/nformative articles they themselves have written (read HEREHERE and HERE). This is from @Smartsensitive, we hope it ministers to you.

Writing has always been my passion. For a long time after I got raped all my creativity was stifled including my voice. I couldn’t wake up in the morning and smile, I used to drag my body out of bed and look dowdy everyday and be like, ‘at least no one wants to rape me now.’ That’s one of the signs of abuse; you could say some of it was PTSD. It is a form of depression army or marine offices sometimes get after being in the war. You could say rape is a kind of war, you deal with the after effects afterwards, one thing you know is that you want to get better, you just don’t know when your emotions will get back in place. If I can get better, I know that you can.

One of the things I learnt to do was to be thankful. I learnt to silence the voice of fear by being thankful. I would just wake up and say; ‘Lord I thank you because you haven’t given me the spirit of fear but the spirit of love, power and a sound mind. I thank you because I am royalty and you value me. I am so grateful for your love and patience and for the song you have put in my heart and the spring in my steps.’

And then I would go out and get my hair done and honor my body by dressing nicely, trendy yet modest. I would say hello to the people who were friendly and be kind and pray for the people who weren’t. They were probably living in a kind of hell I can only imagine. I would thank God for authenticity and for the sun rising. Then I would go out and be productive. Help someone for no particular reason. I would add value because I was determined that the enemy wouldn’t steal my joy or my destiny.

If you want to chat, mail your letters to Ayodeji Osowobi via StandtoEndRape@gmail.com, she would send them to me and we would just connect, talk together, pray together and allow the Holy Spirit build us into what he has planned.

We are survivors, we should be proud of it!

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