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It All Changed: My Life Story

It All Changed: My Life Story
January 27, 2014 STER

My name is Dedun. I am vivacious, a go-getter, party rocker and definitely the life of any party you find me but all that changed on the 18th of November 2013 my personal DOOMZDAY.

I stupidly entered the same trap I berate younger girls for… My pride and dignity shattered and I was left broken due to the dictates of a man’s lust he left me without choice and decided when,how and in the manner at which my first time happened… after all the plans of keeping this till I feel its the right person or to my lawfully wedded husband.
The deed is done and it cannot be changed he said, then you ask WHAT NEXT??  
First thoughts through my mind was to act out like they do in the movies but my shell shocked self couldn’t curse you because I am also the harbinger of this misfortune. He could have left me be with my tattered pride but NO, he wanted to rip it all away from me till my body is crawling with shame all broken down in spirit… He dropped me off and dropped some money for me to sort myself out because he doesn’t want to father any child.

In tears my heart in turmoil… I try to wash away the feel of his hands, his smell. No one to share my pain with life still moves on around me… tucking the memory in the deepest recess of my soul and his question WHAT NEXT? Ringing in my head. I went through it alone couldn’t share with anybody, blocked the world out, put on a blinding smile; makeup on, decked gorgeous and stepped out into the world and said to my self I won’t be broken… But its easier said than done.

My days go through in haze of self induced high, trying to claw out of the dregs I have dragged myself in but it isn’t easy, thank you to @AyodejiOsowobi for this platform and the support given when I reached out.
If you see me I look put together but deep down am broken. I am strong and I will survive so I pray this happen to less and less people.

We will be hosting a #SpeakOut session with Dedun. Please follow @StandtoEndRape for updates.

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