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In Awe of Valentine’s Day

In Awe of Valentine’s Day
February 14, 2014 STER

Yaaayaaa everyone it’s valentine’s day! Oh wait! Are you thinking what I am thinking? People tend to get carried away with the season that they make terrible decisions/get involved in wicked acts.

I just read a story on YNaija of a girl who asides getting robbed, was gang-raped by three men she met via social networking site, 2GO (incase you haven’t read it, please click on the YNaija link). In the awe of wanting gifts, outings and all, you decide to meet someone you have never met in person today. I am not saying it is a bad idea, all I am saying is be careful so you don’t fall victim like other people have.

Don’t get too carried away. If possible, buy your own drinks. When you do, ensure you don’t leave your opened drink to use the convenience room. I am not saying all men/ladies are bad, of course not! I am just ensuring that your safety :). Like I was saying, don’t leave your drinks and please don’t let him/her offer to take you home. I am sure you are thinking ‘she is really weird and crazy! Why is she using him/her?’ Ahhhhh, I am not crazy ooo, men and women rape ooo.

I heard a true life story of a girl, who was raped right in front of her gate (in the car) by a stranger who offered her a lift and my heart bled. Who would have imagined she could get raped right in front of her own house, in a car (for that matter) and she couldn’t scream for help. All I am saying is take a cab, better still my brother and sister, enter bus biko!

If you will drink, please drink carefully. Don’t drink heavily, go home with the man/lady, allow him/her strip you naked and rape you (it will break my heart). Many people have fallen victims of rape as a result.

With all these said, all of us at Stand To EndRape Initiative are wishing you a lovely celebration. Don’t be a statistic. Stay sharp, stay SAFE! 

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