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Vacancy: Human Rights & Advocacy Officer

Vacancy: Human Rights & Advocacy Officer
October 4, 2023 STER

Stand To End Rape Initiative (STER) is a youth-led social enterprise advocating against sexual and
gender-based violence (SGBV), providing prevention mechanisms and supporting survivors with
psychosocial services. STER adopts a comprehensive approach to advocating for gender equality
and eliminating gender-based violence in Nigeria.

LOCATION: Lagos State                                       JOB TYPE: Fulltime
EXPERIENCE: 3-5 Years                                     QUALIFICATION: LLB/Member of NBA

Department Summary
The Unit strategises and develops interventions to foster policy reforms and increase access to
justice on SGBV issues. This entails legal analysis of policies and their impacts on SGBV nationally
and regionally, developing survivor-centred strategies for case-by-case intervention and
provision of legal services to survivors (advice and representation, and liaison with relevant

Job Description
Identify gaps and develop multi-dimensional strategies for litigation and policy issues on
sexual and gender-based violence in Nigeria and Africa.
Provide informed legal advice and representation to the organisation in all areas.
Liaise with clients and/or their families when necessary to provide legal advice and
prepare them for cross-examination in court.
Manage and monitor STER’s legal cases of SGBV across Nigeria.
Liaise with relevant authorities such as the police, Ministry of Justice and Attorney
General when necessary to ensure appropriate and prompt prosecution of sexual and
gender-based violence cases.

Requirements, Knowledge and Expertise
LLB in Law.
Membership of the Nigerian Bar Association.
Minimum of three (3) years post-call experience in policy advocacy and criminal litigation, particularly on
Sexual and Gender-based Violence (SGBV) and human rights issues.
Experience working with local organisations, firms, NGOs or INGOs in the same capacity.
Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office Tools.
Good analytical and strong verbal and written communication skills.
Team management and ethical standards.

Application Process
Interested applicants are to send a curriculum vitae and a brief cover letter electronically
to admin@standtoendrape.org with the subject heading Human Rights & Advocacy Officer on or before October 9, 2023.

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