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How 36 states in Nigeria & FCT prevent violence against women

How 36 states in Nigeria & FCT prevent violence against women
March 8, 2023 STER

Sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) remains a widespread and ongoing violation of human rights in Nigeria.

Therefore, strengthening the multi-sectoral mechanisms for prevention and response is pivotal. It is important to assess & evaluate the efforts and commitment of the Nigerian government toward minimising and subsequently eradicating SGBV while making recommendations for necessary future action.

This report aims to provide insight to policymakers, government ministries, departments, agencies, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), advocates and other key stakeholders on the institutional strengths and weaknesses that determine effective prevention and response to SGBV.

The report also seeks to provide pathways for leaders and advocates to identify institutional gaps, take proactive steps, prioritise strengthening existing structures and establish appropriate and adequate mechanisms for SGBV prevention and response.

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