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Celebrating Four Years of Change and Justice

Celebrating Four Years of Change and Justice
June 19, 2018 STER

By Mercy Munyale Kwabe


Its our birthday and we couldn’t be more elated. We have seen so much, we have done so much and we hope for so much more. To commensurate this day, I decide to ask two of STER’s key players about the journey so far.

Speaking with Oluwaseun Ayodeji Osowobi (Executive Director STER), it seemed important to understand how STER Started.


Why did you start STER?

“I was tired of seeing or hearing about stories with the narrative being “Aisha was raped,” but the agency that perpetrated the violence are exempted from the “publicity.” Also, I was unclear on the support the survivors received so I stepped in to stop reading stories but taking action on it. Growing up, my narrative about gender-based violence had been framed but my personal experience was the ignition.”


What challenges have you faced?

“Mainly justice and support. Long judicial process is draining for the clients, tedious and sometimes discouraging. This is not leaving out the financial implications. Running an organization such as this with the expected national impact is expensive. Funds are limiting but our personnel keep on giving their all.”


What is your hope for the future?

“Our hope is for a gender-based violence free Nigeria where policies are in place, effective and gender equality is upheld.”


Also speaking with Wuraola Abulatan (Communications and Social Media Manager), who has been with STER for a long time, I had to know what its been like in four years.


How has it been working with STER?

“Oh, working with STER has been an amazing experience. I am glad to be a part of people who are effecting change in our society, its all I’ve ever wanted to do. From all that we’ve achieved in 4 years, I know we’re going to be influencing  policies and providing support across continents very soon. I strongly believe it so everyone should watch out for us because we’re not here to play”


Personally, I am so proud to be on this team, making a change in the Nigerian society and breaking norms. It has and is an experience of a lifetime. It takes a village to Stand To End Rape and we hope you come on-board.


To all our volunteers, donors and writers; we say a very big THANK YOU. You have all contributed to where we are and we do not take it for granted. You have been amazing and we look forward to a better future.


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