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Broken Wings by Ejura Salihu (@FleshyYetty)

Broken Wings by Ejura Salihu (@FleshyYetty)
September 22, 2014 STER

Broken wings

I was free like a bird

I spread my wings and flew

Young and fresh like the morning dew

Innocent and in love

I had no fear

You were the one I held dear

You used to be my knight

Holding me tight through stormy nights

The world was mine to take

The dawn for me was breaking

I felt like your priceless princess 

Nothing could go wrong 

So I thought

The betrayal was swift and painful 

That cold night, you held me 

Kissed me

Promised me forever

Then held me closer

Soon your hand moved up my skirt

I asked you to stop

Told you I did not want to go that far

You said I did not mean it and mocked me

You forcefully had your way

Leaving me with broken wings

I was not ready

Alas, you did not care

I struggled but you held me still

You laughed as you used me

A wicked laugh I had never heard before 

Your features changed right before my eyes

Your ever calm eyes now looked mischievous

Your gentle hands now held me roughly

Your beautiful lips curved mockingly

You looked frightening and so powerful 

You wiped yourself off when you had your fill

Like I was a dirty used doll

Flying is difficult now

I look in the dark and feel alone 

With a broken gaze and a tear soaked pillow

I stay awake all night now

Praying my heart makes it till dawn

Wondering which sign I missed and where I went wrong

But after all is said and done, the painful truth remains 

The wind beneath my wings is indeed gone

Stormy nights do not scare me anymore

The real storm is in my heart and soul

I am still bruised but the pain runs deeper than my fair skin 

It is a pain no medicine can heal

Only words can express this pain

With expression comes healing, so I hear

I hope it is true.

Stretch in and touch my soul

Look within 

See the blankness of my cold eyes

Can you feel the trust betrayed, the hope denied, the innocent love discarded?

I am hurting but my life must go on 

Because my life is worth more than my hurt

Confidence and renewed faith in love is a luxury I struggle to afford now

Life is not as easy as it used to be

But each step I take, every smile I see 

Brings renewed hope to me

The dawn of every new day is a promise that I rise to fly again

A promise I will still soar

Because broken wings get mended too.

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