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Blogger’s Words –– WHY THIS BLOG?

Blogger’s Words –– WHY THIS BLOG?
September 10, 2013 STER

Most people will be wondering, ‘what makes this blog different, why should we care?’ You should care because rape is a prevailing issue in Nigeria and in the world, which affects not just girls but also women (and sometimes men). You might be wondering but I am not a rape victim, take a minute to think of the future of your sister, your unborn daughter and the rest of the girls in your extended family. Rape isn’t an experience we all want to have, but have you taken a minute to think about the victims? The psychological effect this has on them? Some of these girls commit suicide while others keep to themselves not being able to trust anyone anymore. Don’t you think we should help these girls, don’t you think we should give them a hope for the future? So, I have decided that with your help we CAN! Girls can begin to live their lives again if we give them the opportunity to heal. “Justice is key in the healing of a girl who has been abused…”
We need to seek justice for these girls and share their inspiring stories to the world. Justice however cannot be achieved if we in our society victimize rape survivors. Stigmatizations hinders them from speaking about their ordeal and they die inside daily. We CAN change this by supporting these victims to speak out and understanding their concerns. We should make them feel comfortable to air their views and get deserved justice, this will assist in curbing this problem. If justice is in place, sexual abusers to a large extent will desist from such acts.
This blog is a branch of the Non-Governmental Organization –– NGO –– I want to set-up in conjunction with other concerned partners, which will serve as rehabilitation and education centre for women and girls. The NGO will partner with authorities charged with the responsibility of bringing justice on the perpetrators. The NGO will be established in Nigeria, serving majorly girls in Africa and an umbrella for girls all around the world. There are various educative programmes this NGO will provide and it will also help bring justice on behalf of rape survivors. Various trainers will be employed to educate these girls –– for those who haven’t had the opportunity to complete their education –– and this will also be a social platform for engaging in innovative talks and this will be instrumental in building their trust system. 
This blog will focus on sharing stories about rape, sex and human trafficking, child marriage and other gender issues. The stories of survivors will be shared to inspire others and just as a reminder that this is a very serious. Please share, comment on and subscribe to this blog and we will be on our way to implementing our dreams for a rape-free society. All proceeds from the advertisements on this blog will be channelled towards starting-up the NGO. You can also help by donating to us and we all will be contributing our quota to #StopRape. We are not saying it will be easy, but a collective action can make a whole lot of DIFFERENCE!
Thank you!

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