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Ayodeji Osowobi’s Blog –– Putting One Foot Ahead

Ayodeji Osowobi’s Blog –– Putting One Foot Ahead
October 4, 2013 STER

Hello everyone! We are so excited for your continuous love and support towards our blog, for this reason, we have found more zeal to improve and work better; not just for our readers but more importantly, for the benefit of world; seeking to aim higher and move closer each day, to the purpose for which the blog was created.


Speaking about this, for those who are just reading from our blog for the very first time, we sincerely appreciate your interest and hope that soon, you’ll not only be part of our viewers but that you can also be an active supporter of our mission and vision on our social networks –– on Facebook search for Ayodeji Osowobi’s Blog and on twitter follow us @AyodejiOsowobi and @VickieScep.

Moving on, we are excited to introduce to you some of the innovative ideas we came up with! However, we cannot achieve this if we merely READ but do not ACT. It is high time we turned mere words into action:

–– Soon, we plan to introduce hashtags on twitter where we can have a day to share our opinions on matters we write about on here from time to time (which is why we really need your support by following the twitter handle(s) for updates).

–– Also, that you like our Facebook page if you haven’t already, so that we may connect there as well and we hope that by sharing our ‘highlights’ you can help us reach out to a larger part of the world (and yes! We are that powerful when we start to act).

–– We also consider to have brief and easy online Questionnaires. This is just to further help our NGO work as so that we may work with facts rather than assumptions.

––  We intend starting a Google Hangout with all our readers soon. This is an opportunity to  have a chat with you, get plausible ideas from you and to discuss how we can reach out to more people.

No one is an isle of knowledge, if you have more ways with which we can improve, pls send your ideas or opinion about what we have written above to; awhyzie@yahoo.com or to our team Javi4luv@yahoo.com. We will be having our own personalized email soon, until then, kindly use the email stated above. 

Once again, we appreciate you here at Ayodeji Osowobi’s blog.

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