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A Letter to God

A Letter to God
December 27, 2013 STER

As a way of healing, we have asked our survivors to always write how they feel and help others in such a situation. This has been in forms of letter, articles and videos. This is another one from @Smartsensitive. If you have missed some of her writeups, please check HERE. Read more…

Dear God,

My heart is amazingly open today. It should have been an awesome Christmas party, but my sister ruined it. It just reminds me that nothing is perfect, our family and friends whom we expect a lot from can still hurt us from what doesn’t even exist.

There’s a good side to it all. God is still sure and a guarantee. Even when the world abandons us. God is still there holding out arms of comfort to nurse our hurts and help us birth our dreams. I’m listening to worship music, always soothing to my soul.

One of the worst things about rape is betrayal, lies and break in trust. I lost all my friends, looking back it was more like I discovered there were leeches and not friends. I learned to discover myself in God and who He says I am. In a sense you could say I died and resurrected and begun from the scratch with God. I learnt to discover my hope and dreams in Him. I learnt to look at my life and instead of seeing bleakness, darkness and death; I began slowly seeing hope, light and life.

The bible says, that He (Jesus) came that we might have life. My prayer today is that the more than a conqueror would rise up in us and we would see the life that he has gifted us with, that we would see resurrection power in our everyday life.


Your daughter: @smartsensitive

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