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Board member

Ayisha Osori

Ayisha Osori has over 20 years of experience across the private, development and non-profit sectors in the areas of business development, regulation and compliance, general management, democracy and good governance, gender equality, inclusion and human rights. She has consulted for the World Bank, United Nations Children’s Fund, National Democratic Institute and Department of International Development.

Currently Director, Executive Vice President’s Office, Open Society Foundations, a grant-making and advocacy organization, her responsibilities straddle operations and grant-making within OSF’s Ideas Workshop a new initiative for investing in heterodox ideas. She served as 

Executive Director for Open Society Initiative for West Africa between 2018-2021 where she built on the organization’s legacy of enabling grant-making, led the restructuring of its operations and strengthened the culture of communications and advocacy. Prior to joining the Board of OSIWA in 2014, she was the CEO of the Nigeran Women’s’ Trust Fund between 2012-2015, taking it from a fledgling organization with no funding, into an organization with absorptive capacity for over a million dollars. 

Ayisha Osori, the author of articles and books, including Love Does Not Win Elections, has degrees from the University of Lagos, Harvard Law School and Harvard Kennedy School. 

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