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SGBV Accountability Project

The SGBV Accountability Project was executed by the Stand to End Rape Initiative (STER) and TechHerNG, with support from Ford Foundation.  The aim is to highlight and record the intentionality of all 36 Nigerian state governments to resolve the issues of sexual and gender-based violence. On specific days dedicated to women and girls, Nigerian government officials across all levels typically pay lip services towards curbing all forms of violence and discrimination against women. With Ford Foundation’s help, we set out to determine if these government officials are in fact carrying out their promises or if they say it just to earn praise and do nothing about it.

Our ranking is based on the resources available in each state. In addition to holding the state governors accountable, the widespread occurrences and unsatisfactory responses to sexual and gender-based violence in Nigeria are motivators for this project.

The project also aims to create a scorecard to rank states according to their frameworks for SGBV prevention, response programs, laws, and relevant Ministries. Engagements with the Ministries of Health, Justice, Women Affairs, State Police Commands, as well as state-run tertiary institutions around the nation, will be used to evaluate each state’s achievements.

At the end of the project, we will release a ranking of all 36 states plus the FCT.  Then, you would be able to see the performance of your state officials are doing, and hold them accountable with the data provided.



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